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Teen Tip #1: The Car is your Friend

July 26, 2011

Your teen conversation pit.

One of the best places to talk to your teenager is in the car. Why?  Because you have the perfect combination of a captive audience and a setting that allows for some distraction.  See, teens do not typically like direct confrontation from their parents or their friends.  Talking in a car is much less intense than talking across the kitchen table.  The road provides a subtle distraction, that allows conversations to get real.

What do I mean “real”?  I mean sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, facebook, sports and anything else that is important to a teenager.  Do not dive into a hard core conversation right as you enter the car, but let it build as you talk about music, school, sports and friends.  You will be surprised how well this works.  I have had some of my best conversations in our Honda Odyssey.

Remember, the car is your friend.

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  1. July 27, 2011 9:38 pm

    Some of the best conversations I had with my dad were in the car after he picked me up from a long shift at the movie theater (high school job) or as he dropped me back off at college after a weekend visit. Now that I’m all grown up, our new conversation spot is the kitchen. If I’m home visiting you’ll often find us chatting for 45 minutes to an hour there after everyone else has headed to bed.

    Great insight!

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