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Teen Tip #2: The New Date Night

August 5, 2011

The Daddy-Daughter bond is important.

About five years ago, someone told me it is important to “date” your kids individually as they become teenagers.  I looked at the person with a puzzled look, because it seemed like a strange concept.  But, the more I thought about it, the concept was quite simple.  It is absolutely critical that we as fathers have unique, energized relationships with each of our children.  While it is crucial to have “family time”, it is equally important to have focused individual time with each of our kids.

I have tried this concept of “dating” out with Sarina (18) and Shaan (15) the last few of years and it seems like it is working.  The key is to go on their turf and do something they want to do.  Shaan and  I regularly go to a diner called the Depot for some male bonding as well as watch ballgames together and hang out in our basement.  For Sarina, our place is Boston Market and I also go to work with her (cleaning an office) and help her out.  Sarina and I also love to go to romantic comedies together as well as watch USA network dramas such as Burn Notice and Suits.

These dates do not have to be huge productions each time.  A steady diet of quality one-on-one time builds trust, respect and intimacy.  What are the things your kids like?  Cards? Gaming? Movies? Bowling?  Art?  Sports? Hiking? TV shows?  Cooking?  Figure it out and just do it!!!  If your kids are not yet teenagers, awesome!  Get started, you are ahead of the game.

When we as fathers forge a strong bond with our children, they become secure in who they are as people.

As we try this new thing, we will discover it is never too late for a good date.

Patrick Donohue live in Oak Park, IL and is a Life Coach who specializes in working with men.  Contact him at:

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  1. Mal Davis permalink
    August 5, 2011 11:03 am

    Good coach…thanks again for all you have put into my kids…..God Bless-Mal

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