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Great Father Tip #11: Protecting our young

October 10, 2011

Not every moment in life is equal.  There are  moments that matter more than other moments.  When our kids need our protection, those clearly become important moments.  Whether the protection is physical, emotional, psychological or financial, we as fathers need to be ready.  That means we have a clear mind that is focused on our strength, not tangled up in our weaknesses.

Like the buffalo in the video, great fathers are keenly aware of their circumstances and ready to protect their young from harm at any cost.  What would have happened if the father buffalo had been thinking about a mistake he made earlier in the day?  Or how he screwed up leading the herd?  Or how he is getting older and slower?  We know what would have happened, bye, bye little buffalo.

The key is to be totally present rather than partially present and distracted.  I am the type of guy who can spend too much time beating myself up for past mistakes.  You know where that leaves me?  Feeling down on myself and not ready to protect my kids.

Men, if you have issues to work through from your past, then you need to work through them.  Talk to a friend, a counselor, a minister or a coach and get yourself untangled and feeling strong.  I know, I know, you do not really have the time or money for that stuff.

Ah, YES you do!!  Being clear headed and strong in order to protect our kids is in the top three of fathering duties.  If we do not have the time or money to do this, then what do we have the time or money for?

Men who are strong themselves understand that protecting their children is a fundamental responsibility for greatness.  Be strong, protect well and be great.

Patrick Donohue is a Life Coach in Oak Park, IL.  Contact him at

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