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One Minute: Make Your Child’s Day

October 21, 2011

One minute can make all the difference.

Today we have a blue light special!!!  10 free things you can do in one minute  that will lift your child’s spirits and make his/her day. The concept is simple:  encouragement.  Encouragement literally means to give courage to another person.  That sounds like something Great Fathers should be doing.  So, how can this be done in a minute?  Here are some ways:

*Hug your child and tell him he is great

*Send a text with an encouraging quote, verse or thought

*Fold a paper in half, write out a simple card

*Have her favorite snack waiting for her near her homework

*Send an email that catches him doing something good

*Send a photo of a great family vacation that reminds her of your love

*Handshake, chest bump, forearm, whatever works as he passes you by in the house

*Note in lunch box

*Tell an uplifting story involving her

*Tell him what you see him doing in 10 years

Try one of these today and watch the countenance of your child brighten.

Patrick Donohue is a Life Coach in Oak Park, IL.  Contact him at

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